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The tours for 2018-19

Tours are given after each lecture starting at 11am and last for about 40 minutes. Scientific and technical staff of Fermilab will be the tour-guides. After the lecture the SMP coordinator will show maps indicating how to go to the different sites, and will introduce the tour-guides to the students. The coordinator will make sure… More »

The schedule of lectures for the Winter term is being constructed now. As noted elsewhere, those lectures will be: Lecture Topic Speaker Introduction to Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado, Fermilab Relativity TBD Quantum Mechanics Dan Hooper, University of Chicago Antimatter, Symmetry, and Supersymmetry Javier Duarte, Fermilab The Standard Model of Particle Physics Cecilia Gerber, University… More »

Fall Session, 2018

The tour schedule will be published around September 3. Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Tours 29-Sep-18 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado, Fermilab Wilson Hall/Accelerator 6-Oct-18 Special Relativity Elliott McCrory, Fermilab Accelerator/Wilson Hall 13-Oct-18 Quantum Mechanics Dan Hooper, University of Chicago Tour Schedule Fall Session 20-Oct-18 Symmetry, Antimatter, and Supersymmetry Javier Duarte, Fermilab Tour… More »

>> Click here to register <<   Key dates: August 1: Registration opens for the Fall and the Winter terms September 14: Registration for Fall term closes Registration for Fall Session has been extended until Monday Sep 24. September 21-25: Acceptances emailed September 29: First SMP lecture for the Fall term January 19: Registration for… More »

Pedro Machado: Fermilab Scientist Dr. Machado was born and raised in Brazil.  He did his undergraduate work at Universidade Federal do Ceará (2007). After, he went to the Universidade de São Paulo to study neutrino phenomenology. He obtained a master diploma (2009) and started work on a PhD, both under the supervision of Renata Zukanovich Funchal. In 2011 and 2012,… More »

  The following is the lectures that will be given during the 2018-19 SMP program.  (See also this page, which has more logistical details.)​ ​ Pedro Machado: “Science at Fermilab (And Beyond)” Science is a big topic.  Machado gives a great introduction to the sort of science we do at Fermilab and others are doing… More »

Graduation photographs are in this gallery. We had a visit from the US Congress Sub-committee on Energy at the beginning of the graduation ceremony.  Here are some pictures by the lab’s professional photographer, Reidar Hahn.