Creating a unique email address

A unique email address is required for each registrant.  We prefer to have the registered student’s email address.

We regularly send messages to the email address on record.  in particular, if there is a situation that causes the lab to close (for example, a severe winter storm), we will use this email address to inform you of this situation early on Saturday morning.

Using a parent’s email address to register?

We understand that not all students of this age have email addresses, or that parents would like to use their own email address for this registration.

If you choose to use the same email address for multiple registrants (e.g., a parent wants to register their twins), some email systems allow you to use a trick that can make a unique email address: Add a plus sign and then the name of the student.

For example, if the email is

then you can use these two addresses to make distinct, unique addresses: and

Messages sent to either of these addresses will end up at “”

We know of two email services for which this trick works: Gmail and ProtonMail  This trick does NOT work for Yahoo mail, for Outlook mail, for AOL mail, or for Fermilab’s mail system.