Fall Session, 2018

The schedule is tentatively set:

Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Tours
29-Sep-18 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado, Fermilab Wilson Hall/Accelerator
3-Oct-18 Special Relativity Elliott McCrory, Fermilab Accelerator/Wilson Hall
13-Oct-18 Quantum Mechanics Dan Hooper, University of Chicago TBD
20-Oct-18 Antimatter, Symmetry and Supersymmetry Javier Duarte, Fermilab TBD
27-Oct-18 The Standard Model of Particle Physics Cecilia Gerber, University of Illinois at Chicago TBD
3-Nov-18 Neutrinos Leo Aliaga, Fermilab TBD
10-Nov-18 Energy and Climate Elisabeth Moyer, University of Chicago TBD
17-Nov-18 Particle Accelerators Cindy Joe, Fermilab TBD
24-Nov-18 Thanksgiving Break
1-Dec-18 Cosmology Ting Li, Fermilab TBD
8-Dec-18 Particle Detectors Mandy Rominsky, Fermilab TBD
15-Dec-18 Physics and Society TBD No tours: Graduation

1 The DZero tour lasts a lot longer than the other tours. Expect to be back at Wilson Hall by about 12:30 PM.

All lectures begin promptly at 9:00 AM.  We recommend you arrive at Fermilab no later than 8:45 AM.