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It takes a lot of people to do Saturday Morning Physics at Fermilab. Our fantastic team is …


Javier Duarte, Fermilab

Dr. Duarte is a Lederman postdoctoral fellow at Fermilab and a member of the CMS Collaboration at CERN. He received his PhD in from Caltech on searches for supersymmetric particles and his BS in physics and math from MIT. Today, his research focuses on measuring the properties of the Higgs boson at high transverse momentum, searching for dark matter mediators, and applying machine learning methods to the trigger, reconstruction, and data acquisition. He is also deeply involved in Fermilab’s outreach efforts, such as Saturday Morning Physics. His hobbies include long distance running and playing soccer. During his lunch break, he likes to run around the Tevatron ring (4 miles) and he has also run around the LHC ring (17 miles)!

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Bryan Ramson, Fermilab

Dr. Ramson is a postdoctoral researcher in the Fermilab Neutrino Division. He currently works as part of two large experimental collaborations at the cutting-edge of long-baseline neutrino physics: the currently operational Numi Off-axis Electron Neutrino Appearance experiment (NOvA), hosted by Fermilab, and the upcoming Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), also hosted by Fermilab. Howard University is his Alma-Mater and he earned his doctorate in Applied Physics on studies of nuclear anti-matter at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Much of his graduate work took place as a visiting scholar on the Argonne/Fermilab particle physics experiment, E906/SeaQuest. Before going to the University of Michigan, he was a visiting scholar at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration from Howard University, primarily involved in the measurement of cloud properties in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. and the validation of a globally distributed robotic aerosol and cloud measuring system.

His current research interests involve the study of neutrino-nuclei interactions and the testing of new light sensing hardware to be included in DUNE. When he is not thinking about quarks and leptons, he enjoys reading, exercise, and video games.



Amanda Early, Fermilab
Program Manager

Ms. Early is an Education Program Leader in the Office of Education and Public Outreach. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Concordia University Chicago. She holds a Master of Science from Northern Illinois University (DeKalb). She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Biology.



LaMargo Gill, Fermilab
Program Coordinator

Ms. Gill is an editor in the Office of Education and Public Outreach. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education (with honors) from DePaul University (Chicago).




Adam Anderson, Fermilab – On-site coordinator

Dr. Anderson is also a Leon Lederman Fellow at the Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics.  He received his PhD from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His focus is the search for dark matter in the universe. This work takes him to the South Pole to work on the telescope from time to time.

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Kirsty Duffy, Fermilab – On-site coordinator

Dr. Duffy is also a Leon Lederman Fellow who studies neutrino physics at Fermilab. Her research interests include neutrino oscillation, neutrino interactions, and statistics. Kirsty received her PhD in 2016 from the University of Oxford, where she studied the difference between matter and antimatter in neutrino oscillation. She is now studying neutrino interactions in the MicroBooNE experiment as well as working on a prototype detector for DUNE, Fermilab’s next-generation flagship experiment.

Read more about Kirsty’s PhD thesis results in these news articles. Kirsty’s thesis was also published as part of the Springer Theses series.





Elena Gramellini, Fermilab – On-site coordinator




TBD, Fermilab – On-site coordinator



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