Spring 2024

Schedule of spring 2024 lectures and tours; please note that schedule is subject to change. 

Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Tour
27 Jan 2024 Wilson Hall: Introduction to Fermilab Science Cristina Mantilla Suarez, Fermilab Fermilab driving tour; virtual driving tour
3 Feb 2024 Wilson Hall: Relativity Gordon Krnjaic, Fermilab Fermilab SiDet/SQMS/WH tour: WH/Linac virtual video tour
10 Feb 2024 Wilson Hall: Quantum Mechanics Patrick Fox, Fermilab Fermilab SiDet/SQMS/WH tour: Main Injector virtual video tour
17 Feb 2024 Wilson Hall: Quantum Computing Gabriel Perdue, Fermilab Fermilab SiDet/SQMS/WH tour: no virtual tour
24 Feb 2024 Wilson Hall: Muon g-2 Mete Yucel, Fermilab Wilson Hall: Muon scientist panel
2 March 2024 Wilson Hall: How We Make and Detect Particles Evan Niner, Fermilab Wilson Hall: Physicist career path panel
9 March 2024 Wilson Hall: The Standard Model of Particle Physics/LHC Physics Jennet Dickinson and
Grace E. Cummings, Fermilab
Wilson Hall: CERN virtual tour
16 March 2024 University of Chicago: The Ghostly Neutrino Maria Martinez-Casales, Fermilab University of Chicago: no tour
23 March 2024 MSI Chicago: Energy and Climate Bryan Ramson, Fermilab Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Climate scientist panel
6 April 2024 Wilson Hall: Astrophysics and Cosmology in the AI Era Aleksandra Ciprijanovic, Fermilab Wilson Hall: “Everyday Life in Science” panel
13 April 2024 Wilson Hall: Director’s Lecture and Graduation Lia Merminga, Fermilab Wilson Hall: Graduation

All lectures begin promptly at 9 a.m. We recommend that you join the Saturday Morning Physics Zoom meeting between 8:45–8:50 a.m.

The lectures are two hours long, with a 10-minute break. Virtual tours and Q&A sessions start at about 11 a.m., with everything wrapping up at around noon.