Fall 2022

Lecture topics and tours are subject to change. The schedule will be updated accordingly.

Schedule of Spring 2022 Online Lectures and Virtual Tours

Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Virtual Tour
24-Sep-22 Introduction To Fermilab TBD Driving tour
1-Oct-22 Quantum Mechanics Patrick Fox, Fermilab Wilson Hall & Linear Accelerator Gallery
8-Oct-22 Relativity Gordan Krnjaic, Fermilab Grid Computing Center virtual tour
15-Oct-22 The Standard Model of Particle Physics / LHC Physics Karri DiPetrillo, Fermilab;
Alexx Perloff, University of Colorado, Boulder
Extended Q&A
22-Oct-22 Particle Accelerators and Particle Detectors Cindy Joe and Evan Niner, Fermilab Main Injector virtual tour
29-Oct-22 Quantum Computing

Colab Notebook

Gabriel Perdue, Fermilab Physicist Panel
5-Nov-22 The Ghostly Neutrino Bruce Howard, Fermilab CMS virtual tour
12-Nov-22 Muon g−2 TBD TBD
19-Nov-22 Energy and Climate Bryan Ramson, Fermilab NREL Panel
3-Dec-22 Astrophysics and Cosmology Aleksandra Ciprijanovic, Fermilab Silicon Detector Facility virtual tour
10-Dec-22 Physics and Society TBD Graduation

All lectures begin promptly at 9:00 AM.  We recommend you join the Saturday Morning Physics Zoom meeting between 8:45 AM and 8:50 AM.

The lectures are two hours long, with a 10-minute break at about 10:00.  Virtual tours and question & answer sessions start at 11:00; with everything wrapping up around 12:00 PM at the latest.