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January – March, 2018 The hyperlink on the Topic is the slides; the one on the name is the pictures from that session. Date Topic Speaker Tours by Group # Jan 6 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Dan Hooper, University of Chicago G 1 & 3 – Wilson Hall-15th Fl G 2 & 4 –… More »

There is a full description of these talks, of our speakers and of our tours. Date Topic (Click for Slides) Speaker (Click for Photos) Tours by Group # Sept 231 Fermilab Open House (Registration is separate from SMP registration) Sept 30 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Dan Hooper University of Chicago G1 & G3: Wilson Hall G2 &… More »

The materials presented in each session are provided here. Saturday Topic and Slide link Speaker Link to photos March 11 Modern Physics Mehreen Sultana Photos* March 18 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Dan Hooper Photos* March 25 Cosmology Brian Nord Photos** April 1 Particle Physics at Fermilab and CERN Saptaparna Bhattacharya Photos* April 8 Neutrinos… More »

Tour Group 1 Tour Group 2 Tour Group 3 Aurora West Batavia Benet Academy Burlington Central Carmel Catholic Crystal Lake S. Downers Grove N. Downers Grove S. Fisher Middle Geneva Glenbard West Gregory Middle Hampshire Hauser Jr. High Hinsdale Central IC Catholic Prep Ivy Hill Elem. Kenwood Lockport Township Lyons Township Main West Marian Central… More »

  The following is the list of lectures to be given during the Winter 2017 SMP program.  (See also this page, which has more logistical details.) ​ March 11 – Mehreen Sultana: “Modern Physics” A century ago, Albert Einstein revolutionized physics with his theory of relativity and his explanation of the photoelectric effect.  Sultana will… More »

Archive of past talks

Here are some of the talks that have been giving in the past for Saturday Morning Physics. Climate_Hooper_07Jan16.pdf Accelerators_Garcia_18Oct14.pdf Cosmology_Stoughton_11Oct14.pptx Cosmology_Stoughton_14Jan12.pdf Detectors_Lipton_03May14.pdf PhysicsandSociety_Ramberg.pdf QuantumMechanics_Fox_18Feb12.pdf Relativity_Gnedin_21Feb15.pptx Stoughton_Reference_List.pdf SMP12_Dixon.pdf Neutrinos_Gollapinni_16Apr16.pdf

Chase and Ramberg (2017)

Pictures from the lecture on February 11, 2017. If you do not want one of the photographs posted, please contact us.

Photographs from Dr. Fava’s talk on February 18, 2017.         Please contact us if you do not want one of these images to be posted.