Creating a Unique E-Mail Address

A unique e-mail address is required for each registrant. We prefer to have the registered student’s e-mail address.

The acceptance to the program is sent via e-mail. Also, we regularly send messages to the e-mail address on record. For example, if the lab closes due to bad weather, we will use this e-mail address to inform you of this situation early on Saturday morning.

Using a parent’s e-mail address to register?

We understand that not all students of this age have e-mail addresses or that parents would like to use their own e-mail address for this registration. This is OK.

If you choose to use the same e-mail address for multiple registrants (e.g., a parent wants to register their twins), some e-mail systems allow you to use a trick that can make a unique e-mail address: Add a plus sign and then the name of the student.

For example, if the parent e-mail address is

then you can use these two addresses to make distinct, unique addresses: and

Messages sent to either of these addresses will end up at “”

We know of two e-mail services for which this trick works: Gmail and ProtonMailThis trick does NOT work for Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, or for Fermilab’s mail system.