The Tour of DZero

The tour of the DZero experiment (pronounced “dee-ZEE-row”) lasts substantially longer than the other tours.  One reason is that the distance between DZero and Wilson Hall is greater the other tour sites.  Here is the route from Wilson Hall to DZero.

This takes about 15 minutes each way.

We consider the DZero tour to be among the best of our tours because the students get to enter the beam enclosure!  (Note that no beam has been in this enclosure since October of 2011, and it is quite safe.)  Getting into and out of the tunnel takes about 10 minutes.  And then seeing the internal workings of the DZero detector takes at least 30 minutes.

Moreover, the DZero collaboration has assembled a plethora of engineering and scientific marvels in the underground area, and covering a fraction of these items takes at least 20 minutes.

We are working with the DZero collaboration to keep the tour to 60 minutes, which will put the students back at Wilson Hall by 12:30.  But this often is closer to 1:00 PM, when all is said and done.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity to see this exciting detector and accelerator tunnel, please try to work out your schedule to allow for a late finish on the days of the DZero tour.

All SMP students are assigned a Tour Group number by first initial of their last name.  See the tour group assignments for the Fall semester of 2017 to determine when you tour DZero.