Winter Session, 2020

Please go to for information regarding the cancellation of the remaining Winter 2020 session. 

Lecture topics and dates are subject to change. The schedule will be updated accordingly. 

Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Tours
25-Jan-20 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado, Fermilab Wilson Hall/Accelerator
1-Feb-20 Special Relativity Kevin Kelly, Fermilab Accelerator/Wilson Hall
8-Feb-20 Quantum Mechanics Dan Hooper, Fermilab Tour Schedule Winter Session
15-Feb-20 How We Detect Particles Petra Merkel, Fermilab Tour Schedule Winter Session
22-Feb-20 Quantum Computing Gabe Perdue, Fermilab Tour Schedule Winter Session
29-Feb-20 The Ghostly Neutrinos Karl Warburton, Iowa State University Tour Schedule Winter Session
7-March-20 How We Make Particles Timofey Zolkin, Fermilab Tour Schedule Winter Session
14-March-20 Energy and Climate – CANCELLED Dan Hooper, Fermilab Tour Schedule Winter Session
21-March-20 The Standard Model of Particle Physics – CANCELLED Allison Reinsvold Hall, Fermilab

Video of Zoom Q&A on March 24

Tour Schedule Winter Session
28-March-20 Cosmology-CANCELLED Noah Kurinsky, Fermilab

Video of 4/3 Zoom Lecture

Tour Schedule Winter Session
4-April-20 Physics and Society-CANCELLED Pushpalatha Bhat, Fermilab No tours: Graduation

1 The DZero tour lasts a lot longer than the other tours. Expect to be back at Wilson Hall by about 12:30 PM.

All lectures begin promptly at 9:00 AM.  We recommend you arrive at Fermilab no later than 8:45 AM.

The lectures are two hours long, with a 10-minute break at about 10:00.  The tours start at 11:00; you should be back at Wilson Hall by 12:00, except for the DZero tours.

If you are being picked up by car after the tours, please ask the driver not to pull up in directly in front of Wilson Hall – the tour buses need this space.