Winter 2017 Lecture Slides



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Pictures* and other information

January 7 Introduction to science at Fermilab Dan Hooper Pictures
January 14 Theory of Relativity Nick Gnedin No pictures today
January 21 Quantum Mechanics Patrick Fox Pictures
January 28 Neutrinos Tammy Walton Pictures from the lecture and from the DZero Tour.
February 4 Accelerators Eric Prebys Pictures
February 11 “Energy and Climate Brian Chase and Erik Ramberg Pictures
February 18 Detectors Angela Fava Pictures
February 25 Cosmology Brian Nord Pictures
March 4 Physics and Society Herman White Information from the parents’ session

* If you have pictures that you would like to share, please post them to Instagram or Twitter with the hash-tag, #FermilabSMP.  Or, you can email them to us and we can post them here.  We are particularly interested to see the photos you have of Graduation Day.

For the participating students, please take a minute to give us feedback on the lectures.