Saturday Morning Physics

What is SMP?

The Fermilab Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) program is a free-of-charge series of nine1 lectures and tour visits given by Fermilab scientists.

The program’s purpose is to further the understanding and appreciation of modern physics among high school students. The lectures are aimed at high school students without any previous scientific knowledge.

This program is given three1 times during each school year. Full details of our program can be found on these pages.

Announcement and Registration

An announcement of the Saturday Morning Physics program to participating schools for the academic year is made in August.

The students must satisfy the eligibility requirements. Applications will be taken only for the coming academic year, and will be granted as the number of registered students do not exceed the maximum number of 150 per session.

Registration for the 2017-18 SMP year is open now.  Students should register for only one of the three terms.  Registrants will be notified of their acceptance by email in the week before the start of the term.

View 2017 SMP Brochure: 2017 SMP Brochure and 2017 SMP Brochure – Spanish Version.

Class can be cancelled due to weather.

If the laboratory is closed, we cannot have SMP.

The beautiful Wilson Hall is at the center of our campus         

Fermilab is located about 40 miles west of the Chicago loop.  See more.

See our Summary Information.  And also read about the history of SMP.

1Starting with the 2018-19 academic year, SMP will be eleven lectures, given twice during the year.