Winter Session, 2019


Lecture and Tour Schedule

Feb 2  –  Apr 13, 2019

Classes meet in Wilson Hall – One West

Lectures begin at 9:00 a.m. – 1Tours are from 11 am – 12 pm

*Feb 9th class will be held at IARC Building on Batavia Rd


Date Lecture Topic Speaker, Affiliation Tours
2-Feb-19 Quantum Mechanics Dan Hooper

University of Chicago
All Groups will be given condensed tours of Wilson Hall and Accelerator
9-Feb-19 Special Relativity Elliott McCrory

Fermilab Accelerator Div
NO TOURS this Week!
16-Feb-19 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado

Fermilab Particle Physics
Winter Tour Schedule
23-Feb-19 The Standard Model of Particle Physics Cecilia Gerber

University of Illinois – Chicago
Winter Tour Schedule
2-Mar-19 Antimatter, Symmetry, and Supersymmetry Javier Duarte

Fermilab Particle Physics
Winter Tour Schedule
9-Mar-19 Neutrinos Leo Aliaga

Scientific Computing Div.
Winter Tour Schedule
16-Mar-19 Particle Accelerators Cindy Joe

Fermilab Neutrino Division
Winter Tour Schedule
23-Mar-19 Energy and Climate Erik Ramberg & Brian Chase

Fermilab Particle Physics & Accelerator Divs 
Winter Tour Schedule
30-Mar-19 Cosmology Ting Li

Particle Physics Division
Winter Tour Schedule
6-Apr-19 Particle Detectors Mandy Rominsky

Particle Physic Division
Winter Tour Schedule
13-Apr-19 Physics and Society Sowjanya Gollapinni

SMP Co-Director
No tours: Graduation
13-Apr-19 Parents Lecture Javier Duarte

SMP Co-Director
No tours: Graduation

1 The DZero tour lasts a lot longer than the other tours. Expect to be back at Wilson Hall by about 12:30 PM.

All lectures begin promptly at 9:00 AM.  We recommend you arrive at Fermilab no later than 8:45 AM.

The lectures are two hours, with a 10-minute break at about 10:00.  The tours start at 11:00; you should be back at Wilson Hall by 12:00, except for the DZero tours.

If you are being picked up by car after the tours, please ask the driver not to pull up in directly in front of Wilson Hall – the tour buses need this space.