Session I: Fall 2017

September – December, 2017

We also have a full description of these talks and of our speakers.

Date Topic (Click for Slides) Speaker (Click for Photos) Tours
Sept 23* Fermilab Open House (Registration is separate from SMP registration)
Sept 30 Introduction to Science at Fermilab Dan Hooper

University of Chicago

G1 & G3: Wilson Hall,

G2 & G4: Accelerator Division

Oct 7 Einstein and the Modern Physics Revolution Elliott McCrory

Fermilab Accelerator Division

G1 & G3: Accelerator Division,

G2 & G4: Wilson Hall

Oct 14 Particle Physics Cecilia Gerber

University of Illinois at Chicago

G1 – DZero
G2 – SiDET
G3 – Neutrino
G4 – GCC
Oct 21 Accelerators Cindy Joe

Fermilab Neutrino Division

G1 – SRF
G2 – Neutrino
G3 – GCC
G4 – DZero
Oct 28 Cosmology Brian Nord

Fermilab Particle Physics Division

G1 – Magnets
G2 – GCC
G3 – DZero
G4 – SRF
Nov 4 Neutrinos Leo Aliaga

Fermilab Scientific Computing Division

G1 – SiDET
G2 – DZero
G3 – SRF
G4 – Magnets
Nov 11 Detectors: Seeing the invisible Angela Fava

Fermilab Neutrino Division

G1 – Neutrino
G2 – SRF
G3 – Magnets
G4 – SiDET
Nov 18* Introducción a la ciencia en Fermilab** Marcela Carena

Fermilab división de física de partículas

Accelerator Division or Wilson Hall
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2 Energy and Climate Erik Ramberg

Fermilab Particle Physics Division

Group 1 – GCC
Group 2 – Magnets
Group 3 – SiDET
Group 4 –Neutrino
Dec 9 Physics and society Pushpa Bhat

Fermilab Director’s Office

No tours: Graduation Ceremony

* No attendance will be taken on September 23 or November 18.

** This lecture will be given in Spanish.   We encourage all native Spanish speakers from every local high school to attend.

The tours are given in four groups, which we call G1, G2, G3, and G4.  You find out your group at the registration desk on Saturday morning.

Class is never cancelled due to weather.
Please consider your safety before attempting to come to class.